Rationel Aura & Auraplus Windows and Doors


For outstanding architectural elegance and energy efficiency look no further than AURA and AURAPLUS triple-glazed windows and doors.

Their sleek, minimalist design and superb optical clarity is ideal for creating extensive glazed areas that let in maximum natural daylight for a pleasant modern living environment.

With its high performance triple-glazing, AURA and AURAPLUS can easily achieve the Passive House standard of energy efficiency, dramatically reducing your CO2 emissions and energy bills.

The AURA range is constructed from solid timber offering all the beauty of a natural wood finish. AURAPLUS timber composite windows have durable exterior aluminium cladding, which provides extra protection against the harshest of weather conditions and requires zero maintenance.

Both AURA and AURAPLUS ranges offer a wide variety of different styles, colours and additional glazing options to suit your project.

Product details

AURA and AURAPLUS come with a range of stylish hardware, fittings and security ironmongery to ensure that your new triple-glazed windows operate with efficiency and style.

For enhanced security, there are several locking points around the frame. AURA and AURAPLUS windows and doors are also secured with reinforced fittings as standard and espagnolettes with three locking points.


Fully adjustable ironmongery


Security ironmongery & option of glazing bar (31 mm)


Option of trickle vent

Opening functions

AURA/AURAPLUS windows and doors are available in a variety of opening designs to suit your lifestyle and the character of your home.

Our triple-glazed units can also be combined to create impressive expanses of glazing, complex patio door configurations or conservatories.


Fixed light

Top Guided Window

Side Hung Window

Top Swing Window

Side Guided Window

Side Swing Window


Entrance Door

Panelled Door

Window Door

Patio Door


We offer a standard range of sophisticated colours to complement the modern architectural profiles of AURA/AURAPLUS as well as subtle Granite tones specifically for AURAPLUS.


RAL 9010

Creme white
RAL 9001

Light grey
RAL 7035

Slate grey
RAL 7015

RAL 7016

RAL 9005

Silver grey
RAL 7001

Dark brown
RAL 8017

Olive green
RAL 6003

Navy blue *
RAL 5013

RAL 3011

Mid grey
RAL 7042

Pebble grey
RAL 7032

RAL 1001

Beige grey *
RAL 7006

Yellow *
RAL 1018

Dark green
RAL 6007

Blue black
RAL 5008

Granite colours (only for AURAPLUS )

SAA10F Sablé

2150 Sablé

2400 Sablé

2900 Sablé

2100 Sablé

900 Sablé


For an additional cost, you can also choose any non-standard RAL-colours to enhance your project.

Note: we cannot guarantee a precise colour match with the above examples, so it is important that you use genuine RAL colour cards when making your selection.

Energy efficient triple glazing

AURA and AURAPLUS are in the forefront of modern energy-optimised windows and doors.

With high performance 52mm triple-glazing provided as standard, AURA and AURAPLUS windows achieve U values as low as 0.79, which is ideal for low energy buildings and Passive House construction.

All triple-glazed units are constructed with argon gas insulation between the panes and a warm edge spacer or ‘thermal break’, which reduces heat loss round the perimeter of the window.

In fact, our energy-optimised glazing can let in more free solar heat than is lost through the window, which significantly reduces the energy consumption required to heat your home during the winter.

With AURA and AURAPLUS you can be certain to enjoy a more comfortable living environment with no drafts or cold spots.

Why not try our Energy Simulator to see how much you can save on your heating bill by installing our energy efficient windows and doors.

All Rationel glazing been approved according to the EN 1279.

Additional glazing options

With our specialised glazing options you can further customise your window and door choice to your exact requirements.

AURA and AURAPLUS are available with a wide range of additional glazing features including: toughened or laminated glass for increased safety and security, acoustic glass for exterior noise reduction, plus obscure glass for enhanced privacy.

Our range of solar glass will help prevent overheating in the summer and our façade glass is excellent for creating special coloured glazing effects.

Discover our full range of customised glazing options here; ENERGY GLASS PANES

decorRationel OBSCURE

solarRationel SOLAR

soundRationel SOUND

secureRationel SECURE

facadeRationel FACADE

safetyRationel SAFETY

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